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Friday, May 25, 2012

A Mom's Flash Card

I often write down creative notes while doing other various tasks.  Inspiration comes in spurts and I can't always act on them when that flash of lightening idea hits me.  So for me it is important to at least jot them down so I can return to it later.  I do the same with Photography. That means of coarse I have stuff written on anything and everything. I can rifle through my purse in my daily-losing-my-keys-ritual and find funny little tidbits of humor or profound wisdom that I needed to write down on something, anything just to put it outside my head.  These days  however, I have a graph pad that I like and today while flipping through it I came across this idea.  My Moms Math Flashcard.

You see sometimes as a mother things just happen and instead of reacting harshly my instinct is to document it.  My first real memory of this instinct was when as a 13 year old on church retreat the hillside caught on fire instead of screaming as my other tent mates did I ran inside and grabbed my 110 camera and took a photo of it.  I still have this photo to this day...somewhere!  Anyway as a mother I started this same thing when I had a colicky first baby and did everything in the book to try and soothe her until finally her photo of her miserable face in desperation.

This is how this incident was documented.   Really?!  Playing baseball in my front yard seemed like a good idea at the time, even with countless movies and TV shows you kids have seen over the years?  What was done was done. So once telling them to "Make better choices!" I pulled out my camera and documented the evidence.  Some time later when going through my photos I thought of this flash card idea and wrote it down.  This morning it took me all of ten minutes to finish the sequence of that lightening flash idea.


  1. Love the flash card! Such a cute and original idea.

  2. Thanks Gina! You are so sweet and encouraging. Its been mulling around for a while and then it just needs to come out. Welcome home. Love ya. M.


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