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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting ready for my first craft booth at the Patchwork show in Long Beach!

So in the shed that I have taken over until my "studio" is finished, I have been working on what is to be my very first booth at a craft show  Not just any craft show mind you.  I have learned that I do not want just any farmer's market type of booth but I want to be among creatives that inspire me as well put thought into what they are selling.  It has to be good for me to plan a day away from my family. So with that being said, last year I attended several craft booths trying to see which one I would like to participate in.  My search was over when I found Patchwork.  Not only did I love it, I also bought several things from various booths at their show.  As fate would have it, I would join an email list of one of the people who was responsible for putting on the show Nicole  Stevenson and attended their first craft seminar Craftification last March.
That seminar set the coarse from which I am now heading towards with gusto.  As they say, when the pupil is ready the teacher will appear.  So I took a leap of faith and applied for this show in Long Beach and was accepted.  Now for the crunch.  How do I display my wares that will make people stop and look and see what I have done with my photography.  Here is an example of my passion for repurposing and my photography as well.
These are wine boxes I bought at an estate sale they were dusty and in the garage and no one seemed interested.  I was coveting them like a treasure not to be discovered by anyone else but me.  What was an added bonus is that I had recently acquired these small clip boards I didn't know what to do with until I set them in the boxes and thought they were perfect dividers for my greeting cards.  This is the result.

Then lastly I was able to finish a very sweet clients commission job today.  My fingertips are a little raw as it was a very big piece,(over 36x48 inches!) but so rewarding to see the outcome.  She took the photo in Canada with her husband.  It is transferred onto the very fence boards she helped take down from their best friends neighbors.  I was recycling the boards and well the rest is history.
                                                                   Here is how it turned out...
                               Doesn't it look amazing?!  I love how weathered and rustic it looks
   and that you can see the grain of the wood in some places.  I do hope she loves it as much!!!

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