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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Social Media Old School!

Remember when social media was writing notes during a lecture you already knew the answers to or you simply had no interest in knowing about about at all? In your mind you had far more pressing matters to attend to, like your social calendar for example or what so and so did last weekend. Our social media involved a pen or pencil and notebook paper. It was written by hand, and took a while to spill our guts.  It took time, effort and sometimes creativity. Every now and again brilliance splashed the pages while other times it was mindless chattering which filled our PeeChees until it could be delivered in passing, while rushing off to the next class.
Arguments were vented, loves were acknowledged and plans were hashed out on what we were doing the next weekend or what had happened the last weekend.  Who liked who, who's mad at who and where are we going to sit for lunch. It felt at the time we were speaking the truth, only now looking back, I read them and wonder who the heck half of them are about!  Some of them are so intense with emotion  I was baffled that I had no recollection of the events mentioned.  It seriously was only a grain of sand in my life.
One thing that stood out for me however, was how quickly I caught a crush. So fast in fact I found myself catching a crush as one would catch a common cold in winter... at a preschool!  These notes were insightful for me as I have two teenage daughters myself.
Today things are much faster.  One feeling put in writing and sent off unthinkingly can become a firestorm of backlash.  With so many portals to communicate in, the surround sound of negativity can be deafening if not monitored.  I am grateful that I was not a teenager in today's world, I don't think I would have survived it.  My truths then were simply feelings and NOT facts as I originally thought them to be.  In fact its true for me now as well.  Some of the things I feel passionately about today may evolve and change as life teaches me and I open to its lessons.
These notes taught me its important to validate my daughters feelings all the while kindly reminding them they will will pass in time and even change and not to be so quick to put it "out there" in the universe of instant EVERYTHING.  The price tag for that kind of venting may be more than its worth.

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  1. Great photo! So original and well done. and what you say is too true.


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