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Monday, April 30, 2012

A theory...

I have a theory, some are simply addicted to drama.   These individuals can be fantastic, functional (for the most part) giving, caring, human beings.  They just can't seem to pull themselves off the self-created treadmill.  Its almost as if they don't want to hop off, for the thought of the dizziness they would experience while getting grounded may be too overwhelming for them.  I am often baffled by this behavior.  Not to say I don't have my own self- created treadmills I just don't have as much patience for this particular one.
Art is expression. It frees my mind from emotional static.  It has occurred to me lately that I have something to say and am now ready to say it a little bit louder than before.  My slogan today is, "Just say No to unnecesary drama."  Just because you are aware of it doesn't mean you have to invite it in.  It's like opening all the windows in a wind storm! I know I am not alone in this sentiment.


  1. Some people, sad to say, have a fear of success. Once they succeed, then everyone else (and they themselves) will know that it is possible to succeed, so the safest thing for them is to ever-fearful of success.

  2. That is true for me as well. I can definately use a little more tolerance at looking at what is behind a persons' reaction to any given situation. I know I battle with the fear of success and have worked very hard to counter those fears. Some however, don't work to see life differently even with the tools right in front of them so readily available. Thank you for your comment, may you thrive in life as well.


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