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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pallet love...

I am beginning to get callouses on my hands, like real working hand callouses.  Splinters are more common now and no more French manicures that is for sure.  I now find myself driving behind stores  to see if there are any unused pallets and then go in and ask management if I can take a few or if they are going back to the companies that sent them.  Truth is, a lot of people throw them away.  I have learned lately to be careful of where I get my pallets as well. Some can be coated with toxic chemicals and I don't want that either.  I am considering putting gloves in my car for this new hobby of dumpster diving.  Who knew!  But you know what I LOVE IT.  I am using what other's overlook and discard.  I am re-purposing it and making something beautiful.  Rustically beautiful, but beautiful all the same.
Having grown up in Oregon and knowing the extremes of hiking in a lush forest and coming across miles of deforestation, I like that I am bringing new life to something once precious and living.
So this is the photo of a typewriter I bought from another one of my favorite stores, Habitat For Humanity.  I took this is my living room with the intention of using it for a pallet image transfer.  I am pleased and delighted with the results.

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  1. Is this one for me? This is AMAZING!! Would love to hear a little bit more on how this is done, and your inspirations.


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