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Sunday, January 13, 2013

An endearing moment with a stranger named Laura...

Today I did something I normally wouldn't dream of doing, but I had this nudging, prompting feeling  to do it so I did.  I went up to a complete stranger in the magazine aisle and pointed out my article.  Now normally I judge this behavior as obnoxious but today it felt well, awesome.

You see I had gone into Barnes and Noble to run a quick errand. I needed a family planner calendar and I always wait until after Christmas to get mine.  Some things I just refuse to pay full price is a calendar and the other Victoria Secret flannel pjs, but thats a whole other story.

 After I purchased my planner I headed to the coffee bar to grab my princess/Meg Ryan inspired coffee when I realized I was passing by the magazine rack...the very one that had my article published in it.  There it was...Somerset Studio Magazine with my article heading on the front.  Sure it wasn't my name but it was mine all the same.  I slowly walked towards it, when I realized there was a woman standing right in front of it.  And then it hit me and I said to her, "Can I share something with you?"  She looked up slightly startled, but had very kind eyes.  Without waiting for an answer, I pointed to the magazine, MY magazine and said, "That's my article, I wrote that." She repeated, "You wrote that?"  "Yup!"

Right there we shared a moment.  She picked up the magazine exclaiming she loved this magazine and reads it all the time.  She herself loves the journal writing one, I too love that publication.  She then asked me if it was my first article, how did she know?  : )  She went onto congratulate me, expressing how hard she knows it is to get published and that she was very happy for me.  I introduced myself and thanked her for sharing that moment with me.  With a smile on my face and in my heart, I went onto get my two pump, nonfat, no whip, white chocolate mocha and be on my way, glowing almost floating, in gratitude.

In the car I started to reflect upon a conversation I had had the day before, about the ability to have and love having little tiny relationships with so many people in my life.  The desire to make a stranger laugh, or have a mini connection in a line at the store or a smile at the stop sign.  I relish in these things and today was no different.  It is a part of my character and based in the belief that we are all connected.  I don't know if my small intusion into her life made her day, but I do know her allowing me to do so made mine.

I have no photos of this exchange it was simply an experience to remember and share.  Thank you Laura.  (I do hope thats her name.)

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