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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

This morning of the brand New Year, I started my day with a good cup of coffee and my old school journal.  The house was still slumbering when I awoke, so I had some good quality reflective time.  In my own handwriting I wrote what had transpired since the last new year. And what a year it was!  A creative blossoming year for me, anyway.  Usually my years of late, are full of the milestones of my children with their academics or their various sports. Even full of events or rewards trips that my husband has earned in his work achievements.  I, myself, have kept plodding along, keeping creative but mostly my efforts went to being a good mother, a mostly great wife, an OK housekeeper (on a good day!), a pretty good friend.  Whatever was left over went to my crafts and photography, whichever one had my attention at the time.

I also had my hobbies of reconnecting on facebook with my junior high besties or doing Internet research in the areas I was most passionate about. This past year however, I have felt as if I was the one moving forward. It was MY turn to come into the light, not instead of my family, for they are all still thriving, but right along side them.  It was as if I was ready to step out into the sunshine, no longer wanting to simply observe in the shadows the successes of my family.  I now want to share my success with the family I had worked so hard to maintain.  I remember distinctly my then 15 year old (17 now) saying to me, "Mom create your card line, you are much happier when you are creating something.  Just do it."  I think she sensed my fear and saw through my lame excuses.

Today upon reflection, I realized my husband had and has, since the day I met him, a very big part in the motivation this past year.  Looking back I see a pivotal moment that changed our direction, although at the time seemed like it was just another one of those uncomfortable husband/wife conversations about finances. One afternoon last spring he had told me he couldn't do this anymore, carry the financial weight all himself. He needed me to make money at what I love or get a job...something!  He had just grown too tired.  This time I heard him, I really heard him.  They were big enough, I could finally give more time to what I needed to do to succeed.  The time was now, not later. Now!

So as you have read in earlier posts I am starting to do just that.  I found my calling and the piece of the puzzle that was missing for me.  And so far... so good, people like it.  Consistently and working with what I HAD and no longer spending money to "get prepared" for my creative endeavors, I have been simply creating and looking for the clues as to where to go to next.  Somewhere in there I managed to find a measure of faith that I am doing the right thing.  There are no specific directions for this path but it seems to unfold right before me, just at the right time, indicating I am going in the right direction.  I have also had my touchstone friends and family that have supported me.   Every successful artist needs to feel as if they are bringing to the world something unique and worth investing in, me included.  I value my committee of support immeasurably!

With those profound thoughts here are a few photos of the process of getting to the next level of efficiency.  You see now I crave a space to where all of my "stations" are in one essential space.  Where hands cannot borrow something and not return it or I can leave a creative whirlwind and pick it up when I feel the need to.  Now there is motivation on my part to do something about it and on my husbands end as he also sees the need for me to create in my own space and is finally beyond just what may have just been a hobby room for me at one point.

Here is a photo of my wood shed.  For six months I have been rescuing wood from curbs and driveways that have been awaiting the trash trucks in my community.  My Suburban has come in handy and on any given day I can be caught hauling something away in its trunk space.  This use to just house our unused bicycles, but now its main function is to keep my wood dry for the most part.
The saws I bought at a Thrift store with this in mind!

This past weekend my father-in-law Vince came over and helped my husband I install insulation and drywall in my future office.  I believe at one time it was a servants quarters but a few owners since, it became a storage shed. I think once the plumbing no longer worked and there was water damage to the walls it became uninhabitable.  We had to gut it and replace a few termite damaged beams before we could do anything else.  I have a new found respect for this kind of work and its demands on the body!

Here is where we are as of weekend we will mud it and then I will paint the floor and walls and install the Repurposed dental office cabinets my other father-in-law Doug saved for me!  How lucky am I?! A village of wonderful people are making my dream a reality.  I am blessed to call them family!

So with that Happy New Year.  2013 is off to a great start.  I hope to produce many wonderful and inspiring products from this place!  I will keep you, my two followers updated!

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