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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The house just won't clean itself...

So for a while now I have been working around PILES.  Piles of inspiration, piles of notes, to-do lists, things to scan, things to file, vintage books, seminar notes, bits of basic visual chaos.  I have post-it-notes on the the base of my computer of signs I want to make such as "I have CDO but all the letters are in alphabetical order, as they should be." that make me chuckle or notes for a certain greeting card that is waiting to be put to paper.  Regardless it is a Creative, Crazy MESS and I need to wrangle in my piles.  (Don't get my husband started and thankfully the "ladies" don't wander too often into where I work on the computer!)  The time has come to start to minimise them.

The problem is my life doesn't stop so I can do this, that's the outside excuse anyway.  The other problem is of coarse, well... me.  I don't like unorganised chaos but I love visual reminders.  My mind can only stay focused for so long, and when it wanders I have things that are visually displayed to remind itself of what my goals are, the things I love, the things that amuse me, the things I am grateful for and then it goes back to the task at hand. However, inspiration can hit like an unexpected storm and I am plowing through my piles to get whatever is floating around in my head down on paper.  Once written down a sigh of relief escapes.  What happens a lot is after being absorbed in la-la land I can suddenly wake up to the fact that I have so much more to do and can wander off onto another task! I can literally walk away and not see the aftermath of my creative storm until sometime later.  Lately I feel as if I am in a creative Storm Alley and my desk and surrounding area show the wreckage!!

This morning I am reflecting upon as my studio is in its last phases of being finished.  The truth I must look at is a phrase I fell in love years ago, "Wherever I go there I am."  Meaning that my wish of having all that I need creatively in one room is about to finally come to fruition but if I don't start maintaining, and let me capitalize this, MAINTAINING some sort of order I will carry this chaos and clog my creativity only now in my own studio.  I don't have a problem getting organized in fact I love it, my problem is STAYING organized.  If I am taking 2013 to a level of creativity and getting my work out there as I intend to, this girl has got to work that core muscle, cause right now my Organizational Core is like a bowl of jello!  (How's that for a fitness analogy!!)

Anyway here is the update on said studio...
Drywall, and mud!

Other side of the room complete.

We gutted it, replaced some termite damaged beams, removed the water damaged wood and then started over.  We did it ourselves on a strict budget and it has taken some time. This past week I picked a paint color, until I went into to look at the swatches I wasn't entirely sure what color I would pick.  I ended up picking a shade of green that soothes me.  Because we put in new drywall and "lids" (the ceiling) with cam lights I had to paint the ceiling as well.  My arms are still sore from that!
My color choice

Then we conquered the floor.  I had to scrape all of the mud goops off of the cement floor from the drywall and mop more times than I want to recall to remove the dust and dirt for the next phase of painting the floor.

At this time we couldn't tile the floor and to be honest because I am going to creating messes in there, I didn't mind just painting the cement.

My awesome husband!
We chose a basic grey and my husband suggested putting these flecks they sell at Home Depot, the kind you find on painted garage floors.  They only had three choices and none were calling out my name so we did something different... I used German Glass glitter instead.

Yup my floor looks like it was sprinkled with pixy dust!  Whats even better was that Eric encouraged it, didn't make fun of it at all, he really just wants me to be happy in my creative space.

So with that I need to go off and tackle my piles, one pile at a time and that's as good as its going to get in time of fabulous transition!


  1. Michelle, your studio conversion is so inspiring. My husband and I are at the very beginning of converting our garage to a studio space for me ("beginning" as in cleaning it out before we can go any further). We, too, are on a strict budget and plan to do most of the work ourselves or with help from family/friends. I would love to see more posts on your progress, and the finished result! Good luck!

  2. Thank you Christine, the princess in me wanted to hire someone to just do it for us. (i got glitterred floors instead!) It seems I need a whole new wardrobe to wear out these days because EVERYTHING I own has glue or paint or some sort of muck on it. But at the end of the day I am now closer to a reality I worked hard at getting and there is something soulful about that. Plus it gives me a greater appreciation for the men and woman who do this type of work everyday for a living! Good luck with your endeavors my sister DIYer!!


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