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Saturday, January 26, 2013

I love workshops...

Each time I do a workshop I learn something new.  I may try something a little differently or add a newly acquired lesson, often from a recent mishap or mistake.  My mistakes are their lessons.  Today was no different.

This afternoon I had 11 ladies (including Knot Too Shabby's sweet intern) taking the workshop and I left feeling as if they gave me far more than I gave them.  What I liked what I did today, was I asked what brought them to the workshop and where they came from.  Not all were local, from our little suburban town.  Some were as far as 30 minutes drive from us.  (In Los Angeles we tend to tell you how long it takes to get to a place, not the miles.  Something can be five miles away, but in traffic can take twenty minutes to get to!)

For various reasons all on different paths, here we had found ourselves, in the back room of the Knot Too Shabby learning how to make something beautiful from a discarded piece of fence board!  There is a neat energy about collective creativity and  I was delighted to share my time with them and teach them what I had learned on my artistic journey so far.

The piece we did this week was from a vintage postcard I found absolutely endearing, I did it in honor of Valentines Day.  Well its been an amazing day.


  1. Your students look like they are having fun! Great project!

  2. It was a great group of gals and we had a few laughs. I think I loved it more than they did!


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