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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Studio update...

Let's start this post with a photo shall we.  A detail shot that I love.

As you may know I have a thing for little birds.  They just warm my heart.  Yes I do wish I had the powers to sing to them so they would land on my shoulder, I do love that part in any princess movie.  I also have a Pinterest Board called My Love for Little Birds as well.  So it is not surprising that last year when I saw these adorable little bird magnets I had to buy them!  

Yesterday I had a creative heyday where I pulled out many projects and see which one I can make progress in.  My husband cannot stand the site of this kind of visual clutter and I try to do this when he is not at home so that I don't overwhelm him.  Without a doubt he would once again reference Sanford and Son and has banished me from using his garage as I have a doing many things at once process and he cannot stand the look of it!

Then there is inside my new studio.  I thought about not posting these next photos. For they are not Pinworthy and looked NOTHING like the studios in the magazine Where Women Create.  Its also a far cry from the Martha Stewart show (prejail) I use to watch with envy. But alas it is a true representation of my crazy awesome creative process!

And this last photo is one of a project I finished for myself reusing a door that was once on the building that is now my studio.  The door jam was rotten so we replaced the entire door that came with a new door jam.  I needed a weekly calendar to keep me on task for my "Shiny Disorder" I have self diagnosed myself with.  I bought this chalk Paint from Home Depot months ago to use and what was amazing is how great a color match it was to the door!  I love it!

With that I will leave you with one last image of my little birds.  Have a great, fantastic, inspired day.

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