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Saturday, March 9, 2013

A trip down memory lane...

So today I am in my new studio, it's not quite finished yet, but its functional and I am in my happy place.  My challenge seems to be to organize all of my creative bits and "stations" into one space with a flow of efficiency.  Some things have been recycled or tossed due to relevance and others are visible for me to get around to sorting and finding a home for them.

This morning however, I started cleaning out my computer.  I was looking at what files are redundant and saved in more formats than I possibly need and erasing them.  What I forgot however, is this for me is dangerous ground for me.  Its much like being in high school  trying to grapple something like Math near a window with a view, a recipe for distraction.  Or even going through old letters and notes... Without realizing it an hour or two have gone by and I have been lost in my imagination, remember when, what I wanted to do with that image or what poem had meaning for me and why, etc. etc.  Much like Pinterest can be if you are supposed to be tackling business emails and get the email that someone is following your board!

So in order to be somewhat productive I wanted to share this blast from the past. This is a photo of what 8 years ago seemed to capture just how closely I needed to watch my son.  You see having two daughters before him prepared me for motherhood with the boo-boos, feelings, fevers and an iron stomach. I learned when to take naps so as not to be a crabby ol-bat with fatigue and how to entertain with crafts and endless trips to the park.  It did not however, prepare me for the adventures of a boy.

Suddenly I heard fire engines and helicopters and saw every bulldozer and crane on the side of the road and pointed them out.  I made car screeching noises when I turned corners and gave up thinking I could give any of his jeans or shoes to Goodwill, as the knees and toes looked like they simply blew up or the Hulk had borrowed them!  He had no fear of climbing and could not just watch my girls play softball in the stands anymore, I missed a lot of their games chasing this little guy.  He even climbed so far up the back stop one game thank goodness a very tall man was there to retrieve them as I could even reach his feet.  I could have sworn I only blinked and he was up there so high!

So one afternoon I gave him his snack while we were outside with my instructions ... find a place to sit and eat your snack.  I turned around and this is what I found!
He's almost ten now and while the rest of our house is filled with teenage girlhood and "Mom your embarrassing me." he still leans over and tells me he loves me and wants me to tuck him in at night.  I still make boy noises and every now and again I let out a huge belch around him because it really makes him laugh.  As scared as I was to find out I was having a boy, what an absolute joy it is!

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