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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Embrace imperfection...

A while ago I made a canvas with that saying on it.  I was playing around with font and in my collage phase (not to say I won't return back to that!) and looking at my world around me, the phrase "Embrace Imperfection" become increasingly important to me.  As I began to connect with my creativity again I began to rediscover my strengths artistically and explore other mediums fearlessly giving myself room to color outside the lines.

Looking back on my life I use to think I needed to be as close to perfection as possible.  Falling short, which I always did, led me to feeling badly about myself and whatever I was trying to accomplish.  With that perfectionist's mind set, I was never really satisfied with whatever I created or attempted to do.  Gratitude seemed only a word in the dictionary.

Thank goodness that there was another driving source programed within me. The one that simply said "What the Heck..." and pushed me to attempt to do things regardless of whether or not they would be done perfectly.  Like an inner coach telling me to push through. To knowingly try something new and not be afraid to stumble or fall flat on my face, this was a new freedom for me.  I no longer had to enter into something and try to be the best at it before even starting it.  I could learn as I go, make mistakes and still call myself myself a success because at least I had tried.  In fact its one of the things I have told my children their whole lives, "Its OK to make mistakes as long as you learn from them." My life's adventures, having listened to this instinct more and and not the voice of fear, has shaped my life into what it is today.  Where gratitude is evident in all that I do.

By Embracing Imperfection I get to validate my life as it is.  I can set goals for myself or have a dream I want to accomplish ,but I also need to take a look around and any given moment and love the journey as it unfolds.

Back at the Ranch...
(just kidding that's from one of my childhood shows I use to watch Bonanza if you didn't get the TV reference.)

Yesterday I got a call about some wood on the side of the road.  I love that my friends are sending me these messages and letting me know.  I call them my eyes on the street.  Anyway, someone had replaced their fence and their old fence boards were tied up for the trash truck.  Within ten minutes of getting the phone call I unloaded the back of my Suburban and headed out.  Sure enough, there it was.  I didn't take all of the wood, as I could see why they had replaced their fence with all of its termite damage, but some pieces were still really good.  I now carry work gloves in my car so putting them on I began to carefully put them in the back of my car.  How funny I get when I get those calls, giddy and worried someone else will see it before I get there.
Jokingly Michele said not to worry "No one will take it, it will still be there." After I got home I was just delighted by new haul!! I unloaded it and put it out ready for the next phase of removing the nails.  After the nails are all removed I wash the boards down with water and a scrub brush and let them dry in the CA sun.  I recently started putting a coat of Orange oil over them as an extra termite deterrent in case any of the critters decided to stick it out after all the chaos of its home being dismantled.

I was also able to get on the table saw yesterday and cut up some other fence boards that were already dried, prepped and measured for cutting.  Every now and again I stop and look at a pieces texture and am reminded of not only of my Embrace Imperfection slogan, but something I learned in Photography many years ago.  One of our assignments was to photograph Texture.  What would look good in black in white was the texture of trees and tree bark for these assignments.  Fast forward a lifetime and I am still drawn to the texture of knots in wood and see them as beautiful.

So today my friends validate where you ARE on this journey.  See how far you've come and while striving for a better tomorrow by setting those healthy mental, spiritual, and physical goals... Embrace Imperfection.  For beauty and happiness is there too.

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