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Thursday, March 21, 2013


Seriously it feels like an anniversary for me.  In November of 2011 I was searching for a craft show, one that I liked, one that maybe I would want to be apart of in the future.  I went to a couple of Holiday craft shows the one at our daughters school, but the handmade part seems to be missing in most of them.  The baked goods seemed to still be there in full but as for the craft part...not so much unless you mean in factory in China.
Not giving up I continued to put my feelers out until I found an advertisement of a Patchwork show in Culver City.  There was something about the graphics and the description that inspired me not only to go but to invite two of my friends to join me.  It was there that I not only loved the show, but bought from a number of the vendors as well, one of which happened to be Nicole Stevenson.  (I now have her tea towels as a staple in my kitchen, my children know her graphics well without even realizing it. )
As fate would have it, it would be Nicole that I would gush to about how much I loved that particular fair and found out she was one of the people that put it together.  She encouraged me to sign up for her newsletters and that is how I came to the first annual Craftification seminar last March.

Fast forward a year and here I am again.  Only this time I have business cards, a vision of my direction and a number of successes under my belt directly related to the advice and inspiration I got from that very first conference.

So as I sit here letting my hair dry before I go to the kick off barbecue, I thought I would check in.  Here is a photo of Nicole, earlier this morning having had her printer go on the fritz, typing by hand a person's badge.  Who else but a master crafter would have an old school typewriter handy for such an emergency?  So thank you Nicole and Delilah and your awesome teamsters for another great convention.  If I only had today I still would have walked away enriched by what I have learned here with a few more tools in my arsenal!


  1. It was wonderful meeting you here at craftcation and talking to you about your passion! I have really enjoyed exploring your blog and admiring you beautiful creations! Look forward to speaking with you more and following your endeavors!

  2. Fantastic thank you and I too admire your work as well! May we both thrive on this crazy wonderful ride called life!

  3. Hello MEB!,
    I have a shop up in the Sacramento area. I learned about your photo transfer skills via the miss mustard seed site, since I am a MMS retailer. I found you on Knot Too Shabby's blog. You know how it goes. If you didn't have seventeen children, I'd send you a plane ticket to come to Sacramento, to teach a class at my shop! Since that probably isn't possible, I hope to take a class from you at the very least.
    Keep up the great work!,

  4. Barbara,
    I would love to teach a class at your store!! I don't quite have seventeen children but I do have some wiggle room. You are more than welcome to email me at if you want to discuss the nuts and bolts of it. I'm glad you found me in this crazy world wide web! Thanks for stopping by either way!


Thank you so much for your interest I will get back to you as soon as I can...