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Friday, May 17, 2013

The meaning a photo can have

How fast they grow.  In one hand as I take her tiny, precious feet, the other I am holding a Pentex K1000 camera with Kodak black and white film.  I would not see this image until weeks later.  So tiny, so precious... you can even see the little fuzzies between her toes, from the socks she was wearing.
I'm glad I took that photo.  What's even better is, I am glad I had it printed.  Today with the awesomeness of the digital world our devices are filled with our well documented lives, but lose a device and those memories can go with it.  Sometimes we are so inundated with visual images of our everyday lives, that reflecting for a simply a moment  rarely happens. We simply don't take the time to feel the power of what one photo can have on us.  To really let it sink in and savor its gift.

So today in the midst of everything I've got going on, I am revisiting this image.  You see this baby girl in the image is graduating high school next week and off to college in the Fall.  Her presence in my life has grounded me and introduced to me the true meaning of Unconditional Love.  Not only am I grateful to have had her as a daughter, I am so grateful I was present for the journey. Now have the ability and gift to share it with others I am starting to do so.

My challenge to you is get some of those awesome digital moments out of your devices and line your hallways with them or hang them in your bedrooms or put in a frame side table.  Don't forget to write the name and date on the back so that you have something tangible that can be passed down to others. Every now and again I pause in my hallway and look at the candid moments that make up a lifetime.

Because sometimes what may seem like only a short time ago, can be closing on 18 years ago.

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