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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stockholm, Sweden image transfer

A couple of years ago, my husband won a trip to Stockholm, Sweden and Finland to visit a manufacturer of a product line he sold a lot of.  I was ecstatic to visit a part of the world that I had such positive connections with in my early twenties.  I had known and became very friendly with a group of women from Finland back in my days of being a nanny in New York and to see the country in which they came from was so exciting for me.  I even managed to meet up with one of my au pair friends in the city of Helsinki, Finland. We had a cup of coffee in a store cafe as if twenty years had not passed us by, a sign of true friendship.  It was a trip of a life time and I found the countries just as friendly and beautiful as the young women I once knew on a daily basis.

Yesterday I managed to finish a piece from a series of photos I had to montage together in Photoshop to create the panoramic I used for my piece.  This was taken in Stockholm, Sweden the view we could see from our hotel.  It was however, not one entire photo but several fused together to create the panoramic I desired.   To take this series we were actually on the water in a ferry going from one side of the canal to the other.  I simply took a photo every so often, keeping my hands still and focused on the horizon with the intention of blending it together.  A tripod would have been ideal but I was able to cut off the  uneven bits in Photoshop as well.

As for the background in which I transferred the photo to, I had used a cupboard face off of a piece of furniture that was an old cupboard.  It had some water damage to the bottom and would have been fit for the trash, however I salvaged a good portion of it.  The drawers house some of crafting supplies and the cabinet door face that was perfect piece for my panoramic.


  1. Discovered you on EverythingEtsy's Crafty Girl Linky Party. Fabulous photos and I love how you up-cycled for fantastic framing! That montage is fabulous!

  2. What a beautiful photo! I agree with MCatherine, the frame is perfect! Thanks for sharing it with us!


  3. Thank you for throwing the party! I enjoy your insights as well!


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