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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Years ago I dabbled in portrait photography, using the skills I had for candid moments and got a few "clients" or my friends who were kind enough to let me use them as my learning curve and contemplated making it into a real business.  In the end I decided not to, there was enough creative leeway for me and it often frustrated when I would show people my work which was all candid moments and then when we went to do the shoot they wanted posed perfection.  Something, I am not a big fan of.  This was my type of photography.  Let me follow your kids around and see what I can come up with.  This image is of my girls 14 years ago, before digital.

I worked with two great photographers in those years of finding my way, one was Sena Zimmer in Glendora and the second as a second camera for her weddings ,was Florence Helmburger out of Altadena, CA.  I did this up until I was pregnant with my third child and son Carson.  Then I called it quits and stayed home with all three of our kids.

After Carson was born I still had the itch though, to get my work out there, practice my skill not lose my photographic touch.  I kept documenting my life and my circus I found myself raising...

This was taken with a PentexK1000 camera with Ilford XP2 film.  The flash is a bit harsh but the image priceless and no it was not posed.  I was in the office when Eric shouted to me, you might want to grab your camera and come here in the bathroom.  Carson was using his pretend razor he got for Christmas.  Once again I was grateful for the gift of capturing such moments.

Soon after this was taken I came up with the idea of starting a greeting card line, only I would have my cards printed on 100% pcw recycled paper.  It didn't matter the cost, I was making a difference.  I was excited and optimistic.  I, not being savvy in the business department at the time, had several of my images printed on cards in bulk to save money.  My husband tried to talk me out of it, but I heard it more as he was trying to keep me in the home and less about the practical side of inventory and have a cash flow.  Like most lessons I learn them but blazing forward and making my mistakes.  I managed to get my very small card line in two local stores and was elated.  However, I had 100 of each of my 12 cards and was beginning to tire of seeing the same cards over and over and over again.  Then the economy crashed...when times are tough people don't go out and buy cards.

Fast forward many years and as life would have it that dream did not fade, it has waited patiently and I find myself  resurrecting it.  My Mishka Greetings.  Mishka, why Mishka?  It is a nickname I have had for years.  When you have a common name and know several people who share the same name sometimes other's simply want to use a nickname, that's where Mishka comes in.  My rainbow flying friend Kat started the name and it has stuck ever since.

So with a blog design update happening as we speak, an Etsy site to feel the waters, and I now have a studio in which I can work in that dream is resurfacing with a passion.  One of the biggest challenges in this process, however was to have my family adjusting to me not being as available to their every whim and lost sock!  Then it was showing my husband that I can, in fact make money.  In the next coming months I will have more to offer on my Etsy site, you will see more of my branding style in the Knot Too Shabby store. (Not that she needs help with branding... that girl is on fire, but more to compliment what she already has going).

Today I am grateful for the Evolution of my growth, years ago I wanted it all immediately.  But some things are far greater and make a much bigger impact, when savored with what, only time can season with.  If I could go back I would whisper in my ear, "Its ok, your dream is simply growing you just don't see it yet.   Be where you are for this too will change."

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