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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Craftcation indie business and DIY conference 2012

For years I have gone to my husbands Dental Conventions both here in Southern California and one internationally.  This was the first conference I chose to go to for me. I was NOT disappointed.

I had met "Random Nicole" at a Patchwork Craft Show this past holiday season in Culver City. I bought a few of her tea towels and do-it-yourself kits for Christmas presents. Not only was Nicole approachable, but so friendly.  I immediately signed up for her email newsletters.  That particular craft show was one of the best ones I had ever been to.  I bought more things at that one than I had in years, at any one show.  As it turned out Nicole Stevenson and Delilah Snell are the co founders of this Patchwork craft show and apparently have their hands in so many wonderful things.  These two women are two that I will follow because they truly seem to represent layers of goodness.

Having forgotten about signing up for an email newsletter a few months later I started receiving these great emails on what she was up to. Soon after I got an email about the Craftcation Conference in Ventura, CA in March 2012.  Although it was the same weekend my husband had planned his annual Go Big or Go Home guys snowboarding trip to June Mountain, we aligned the planets so that I could attend at least some of it.

My money was not wasted.  These two ladies and their sponsors put on a FANTASTIC conference.  It is without a doubt, not only will I attend next year ,but I will bring others as well.  They had many classes for those wanting to explore other dimensions of their creativity (i.e. cooking, silk screening, making mini albums,etc.) to the financial how-to for those of us that intend on succeeding, but also need a little help using the other side of our brain.  

Even Etsy's own Danielle Maveal was there to give us tips and encouragement.  The food was PHENOMENAL and I walked away feeling good, spiritually, emotionally and physically fed by the whole experience.  

I also attended Amy Ellis class of which was extremely informative, but also a highly entertaining talk on how to market oneself to our prospective clients and what not to do as well.

So here's to the beginning.  The beginning of my Empire, the beginning of Craftcations informative and amazing Conferences, (may they continue forever!!) and to continuance of my fellow crafters and artisans embracing and exchanging ideas that can only add to this amazing trip called Life. Let it be Rich!

Now for my photos...

 Thank you ladies and a few gents may we see each other down the road in our adventures!

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