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Monday, April 2, 2012

The journey...

I haven't had a seat in my art room for some time now.  For a while my art room was like that of Cinderella, my entire family was jealous of its very existence.  These past few weeks however, they seem to transferred their dislike for my computer.  I am not on Facebook reconnecting with my junior high besties I am actually working to get my work out there. As I am going through my saved photo files and organizing my greeting card line, I now have the daunting task of water marking them and saving them in jpeg form to launch my Etsy site of Mishka Greetings.  Reacquainting myself with Photoshop and software that I had previously bought to "one day use" is now actually coming in handy... but it is time consuming.

Being a creative person seems to compete sometimes with the needs and really simply the "wants" of my family.  They want me to be available and on call all the time.  I don't dislike my job as a mother and wife. In fact I cherish it, however the challenge seems to be that sometimes I need to remind them that my sole existence on this planet is NOT to make their lives easier.  I have a path as well. I don't want to get lost in their journey and at the end of my life wonder where mine went.

So today the quiet of my home just after 8 o'clock, on a Monday morning is priceless.  They all 4 have their lunches that I packed for them and have left the house to make the most of each their days.  I am here in the living room, at my computer ready to get some work done. The challenge is to get as much as I can get done before I can no longer ignore my surroundings of a house in shambles, screaming to get cleaned after the weekend of running from a dance competition, a cheer tryout, a friendly travel ball tournament and everything else in between.

So... here's to the journey. To not losing ourselves while we are growing and encouraging others.  Here's to the sweet kiss goodbye by my eight year old son wishing me a great day as he heads off to school and to me being here to experience it.  Here's to my 16 year old daughter telling me I'm going to miss making her lunches one day as she tries to direct what I put in her lunches.  I have a sneaking suspicion she will miss it more than I!  Lastly here's to awareness.  The awareness that the greatest quest in my life is to seek balance and in doing so being present enough to love even the smallest of details on that journey.


  1. My advice is to work and ignore the cleaning. You will never look back and think "Man, I could have had a cleaner house..."
    Looking forward to more blogs!

    1. A friend of mine recently pinned, "An Awesome Mom Has a Messy House" I responded to her jokingly, "Then You Must Be An UberAwesome Mom then."
      It takes a new kind of discipline to create a space for my art and not let all of my space be taken by the needs of others. Thanks for encouragement and taking the time to respond. You are my first! : )


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