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Thursday, April 5, 2012

While organizing my digital files...

                                                                    To the Moon and Back

Last November I dove into creating my own mixed media with a vengeance (hence the Cinderella stigma my art got from my family)! What they did not realize at the time was part of it was to create a piece for each of my three children in time for Christmas.  Before I put my work out there I wanted those closest to me to have one first.  This one was to my 8 year old son.

I'm not sure when the sentiment started with Carson, he is afterall our third child. I know that I have expressed the same sentiment to my girls.  With Carson however,  it is a permanent part of our goodnight kisses.  It usually goes something like this, "Carson, guess how much I love you." "I know the moon and back." I then say in a fake gasp as if I think he's psychic, "How did you know?!" Then, with a sigh he says, "Because you say it to me every night." We exchange heartwarming smiles, puts his little arms around me and says that he loves me to the sun and back.  So I don't confuse the two, he then points to himself and says, "Not this son, but the burning ball of fire sun!"  That ritual is what inspired this piece.

So how was this made?...As with most mixed media art it starts with an idea and then builds itself.  This is a white canvas that I painted with black acrylic paint.  I then flecked it with white acrylic paint using an old toothbrush. (Which by the way, the first time I did it, I flecked in the wrong direction and landed not on the canvas but gave myself a nice look of someone sneezing milk in my face and all down the front of me! I now wear an apron! ) On a separate  I  piece of paper and drew the basic shapes of the moon and the earth and collage little pieces of paper to make them look like a moon and earth.  The rocket was also created separately using the same method and also using some leftover bubbled heart stickers for the rocket fire out the back.  Then I Mod Podged it together and voila!

Carson loved it by the way, and it is hanging in his room as we speak.  Every now and again he makes a reference to it and tells me how much he loves it and my heart smiles.


  1. What a lovely keepsake. Perhaps Carson will hang this in his child's room, and whisper the same good night phrase. Awesome.


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