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Monday, August 20, 2012

A date with a table saw...

This morning I told my husband I was going to learn how to use the table saw.  You see for a while now I have put aside pieces for him to saw when he got around to it.  On the weekends the heat has been pushing triple digits and with our crazy schedules and our circus it was becoming a chore rather than a joy for him to help me out.  (Well lets be honest it never was a "joy"!) I am lucking though, that guy does A LOT!  When I told he made some jokes as to what we would talk about in the future, like, "Remember had ten fingers?"  Ha ha ha!

Anyway, secretly I was pretty scared, but didn't let him know that. I had watched him closely these past few times and had seen enough blogs where chicks were doing this if they could do it I could do it!  And you know what, I did!  But here is what I learned about my experience and wanted to share with you, my one follower. (Yes its true I have one follower, and I thank you ekjinseattle I am grateful for one is more than none!)

First thing I needed was to dress the part.  For that I wore my special apron that, No I don't wear when I pick up my children from school!   (I did however accidentally wear it to Home Depot once.  This very large tatted man smiled at me like he wanted to see just how crafty I was!!)  The creative genius behind this apron has a shop on Etsy at  Although this particular item is no longer available she has some pretty FUNNY cards.

Other than my apron, because here in LA its pretty damn hot still, I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  Note to self... don't wear shorts and flip flops when you saw.  My legs itch like a rolled down a grassy hill AND stuff flicks at your legs and feet!!

Also I learned there is a reason why Eric pushes the wood all the way through while cutting.  I was a little ascared and even with goggles wanted to shut my eyes.  My inner coach was telling me not to wince and suck it up so I wouldn't injure myself!  Anyway aside from my inner monologue as soon as I cut through my piece I would pull my hands away to shut off the motor, leaving the remains next to saw blade.  On one particular piece I didn't push through it so happened I was cutting off a small piece that was maybe two inches wide by 4 inches long when I left it by the blade while it was still running. As I  bent down to turn off the machine the two inch side split and a chunk ricocheted and hit the back of the garage!  Holy crap I could have gotten pinged!!

From that point on I started pushing the pieces all they way through even with the plastic wand thingy that comes with the table saw. I was then to learn my next lesson.  When you do push it all the way through don't let your art fall to the ground, because if there is a split in the wood the falling to the ground will cause this to happen....

"Ah Snap!"

In spite of the learning curve I am pleased with myself.  The results of this project are fantastic and not only did I make enough for the teachers at my sons grade school but enough to put onto my upcoming Etsy site.
Here is the process in photos.

These are small pieces with a big message.  
We all need to be reminded ever now again, that we matter.
Also they are made from repurposed pallet wood.

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  1. Michelle.. Hi. I'm so glad that my advice "fell in Lap" LOL! I Adore your work!! its gorgeous and I wish you lots of success! I think you'll do fabulous! Once you start don't ever look back! I read your post, I love it too, just the right amount of humor..hehe.. one thing though maybe people can't follow you cause there is no follow button.. I want to follow but cant find where on your blog??also make sure on your setting that your blog is set to public on google so people can be found and once you start following others they will follow you, important for sales too! :) anyway congrats on getting published! so happy for you!


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