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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Teachers Luncheon...

So today was the unveiling of my little gifts to the teachers and the staff of my sons gradeschool.  I was up late wrapping napkins and wrapping the 40 little plaques of You Matter and to be honest I felt beaming with pride.  I am grateful that my children have been a part of such a great and loving school.  I have these three amazing kids but it is in part of the environment they have been brought up in this school.  Gratitude is not simply saying thank you it is an action.  Being grateful is BEING grateful.  I don't always express it but today I did and I am proud.
Now that I am getting ready to put my work out there and lets face it have started I find it so essencial to give first to those who affect my daily life and then I can venture outwards.  Last night I put up little mock displays on my living room floor, Scrabble pieces sprinkled here and there,trying to figure out what centerpieces I would have.  Being somewhat of a Pinterest dabbler for the past six months I have found that I don't copy what I see, but it inspires my own creative juices to flow and thereby express themselves in whatever I am doing.
Here are a few photos of the details, because truthfully for me...true joy is found in the details.

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