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Friday, August 17, 2012

You teachers matter!

So I am on what is like the PTA for my son's grade school.  I do love it I really do. I love being apart of things moving in the right direction and also participating in the education and the environments in which my children learn in.  Sometimes, however we can lose perspective and think we are creating the Constitution or passing life saving laws, but for the most part it is something I enjoy.

This last week during a casual summer meeting, we were trying to encourage our teacher representative to perhaps encourage her peers to show up for more extra curricular activities. Our PTO put them on to support our school and raise money for various things our school and teachers need.

She, being a kind-hearted sort was able to explain in a way that we all heard, they do so much for our children.  Its not that they don't WANT to be there its just sometimes when they are up to 11pm most nights grading our children's papers they have very little energy to do much else.

That got me thinking and so I did this mini photo shoot today.  I took the things from my house and set them out in my driveway using natural light and staged this photo.

The masking tape I did down in my dungeon art room stamping this out and taping it to blue card stock. That makes it easy for me to magnetic lasso it in Photoshop and drag it onto my photos.  I hope they like it, I intend to give each teacher and their aides one.  Teachers are one of our greatest undervalued resoarces.  I could not do what they do and am grateful that they made the choice to invest in our future by teacher our children.
You teachers matter!!
So with that I am now going to try doing a transfer with this image over the next week.  Wish me luck!

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