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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Repurposed Pallet with Hermosa Beach Surfer

I love this photo.  It has all the right ingredients. It was taken just before dusk, the perfect light, from a vantage point where I could capture detail and I was at the right place and the right time.  Your see whenever we stay at a family members beach house in the summer, my son loves to walk on the Pier in the evenings.  It is not like other piers that have restaurants or rides.  This one has fishermen and women with buckets and fishing poles and carving knives often gutting their catch right there on the Pier.

The "ladies" (my mother in law and her sister) as I like to call them, will indulge him, but they would prefer not to if given a choice.  Not everyone has the stomach for the gory details that go into catching a meal on their own.  It can be sloppy, smelly and messy and he absolutely loves it!

I, being a little more sensitive to the suffering of any creature, look to the ocean and bring my camera. Every now and again capturing the look of excitement on his face as he sees what the ocean has brought to the hooks of those who are baiting it.   On this particular summers evening there were surfers and I delighted in their athletic distraction from the gutting of a nearby fish.

With my new found passion for making what was to be thrown into a landfill or burned, to then repurpose it into art, I immediately had it enlarged to transfer.  This is my result.

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