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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Repurposing cabinet doors

So it seems my favorite store is no longer Home Goods or Ann Taylor Loft, although truth be told I still love both of them. Nope these days when I am not at my favorite thrift store or Lowes ( they carry eco-friendly paint) I am at the incredible Restore, the Habitat for Humanity store.  I am a kid in a candy shop.  What can I buy, how can I use it and how can make into something else?  I see beauty and possibility and what most people would overlook.  I think I finally have a superpower! Anyway a few months ago I bought a couple of cabinet doors specifically with image transferring in mind.  They have been in the back shed for a while, gathering dust until two days ago I was prepping a pallet (sanding, painting, etc.) when I put one of the the doors on the table and prepped it as well.  At the time I did not have a photo in mind, but did it anyway.
While they dried I went off to get digital prints of various photos I had edited and reversed. One of them included a scanned vintage image I had bought the last time our family went to Oahu, Hawaii two years ago.
So as happenstance would have it I had gotten the perfect size for the board I had spontaneously prepped and this is the end result.

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