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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ahh the sweet sound of silence...

So the kids are all finally back in school.  Carson, my nine year old, was the last to go. For whatever reason his school started nearly three weeks after the girls high school.  Those last three weeks exhausted me and gave me this craving for structure by the second week in August.  I couldn't set up enough play dates for him, (although I have now been corrected suddenly this summer they are NOT play dates, they are simply hanging out.) rented more movies on Demand and let him build all sorts of things out of my recyclables just to keep him happy.  In the end he just seemed like, THE LONELIEST BOY IN THE WORLD. However, now he is in school and loving it.

Slowly my shelves are getting dusted again and the dust bunnies are no longer forming an army invasion under my couches and on my desk you can actually see patches of, well...desk! Its not like I am a slob in the summer although I am certain my husband will attest to it.  Its that we are all here all the time, in and out and well... its summer.

On this quiet Thursday I managed to go through some of the photos that I had taken on a very fast, nearly drive by trip up to Oregon this year.  Although short, I was oh so grateful to have had time and the money to go at all. So you won't hear me whining here.  It being a quick trip I did not however, see some of my dearest friends and this trip focused more on family.  Little babies are starting to pop up with my cousins and I relished in their innocent wonder of a world so new to them.

This year my trip to Oregon was just my son Carson and daughter Kennedy. Taylor, now a senior in high school had a job and as my husband likes to say, "Someone has to stay home and pay for this luxurious life you live." (brat!)
I decided to take the Suburban not the motor home.  We usually alternate years between the motor home and flying and renting a car while we are up there but this year I just didn't want the added challenges a 30 foot vehicle can bring on such a short trip or any trip at all for that matter.

So the kids piled in the car that we had packed the night before and we left by 5:30 a.m. on a Thursday.  I missed all the morning traffic and got to see the sunrise.  I had my own ipod so that way when princess Kennedy did awaken I could listen to my music and not battle with her over the radio. It was  good idea.

To be honest I love road trips.  It is visual candy for me.  With the right music you feel as if you are in your own movie, soundtrack included.  I guess if you think about it, we really are.

So for now I will post these two photos I edited today.  I absolutely love them.  This was alongside Interstate 5 just before Lake Shasta.  I came up over the hill and this surprised and delighted me.  I had to do a U-turn up the road because I wanted to get this shot.  Some things just can't be overlooked or not documented.

Then as I was looking at the various angles in which to document this beautiful metal creature I saw it from this angle and decided to use a smaller aperture as if my intent was to photograph the flower but what the? in the background.  I am going to make these into blank cards for sure!
       Oh Snap!    More of my travels later.   Quiet time is over, the kids are about to get out of school!

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