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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The quiet calm inbetween insanity...

Sometimes my mind tries to tell me to postpone something, to wait until things "calm down".  The illusion of coarse, based on the choices I make in my life, it never really calms down! And I would have it no other way.  I do remember a time in my early twenties, in between doorways ( you know the hallway you wait when one door closes and the other opens) wondering WHEN my life was going to begin?  Seems an odd concept now, I try not to delve into the trap of wondering when it will ever slow down because I know, soon enough, it will and my mind will fondly go back to the days of today wishing I had savored it more.  So today I am consciously choosing to embrace this crazy whirlwind of a life and be loving and kind to those who are so graciously sharing it with me.

That's just a little of what has been stirring around in this cake batter of a mind this morning.
Now onto what I intended to write about, our trip to Kingman, AZ for Thanksgiving.

It was exactly what I needed, what we as a family needed.  Having two teenage daughters and a nine year old boy the challenge really is to get them all at the same place enjoying themselves.  We managed to do just that.

Eric's Uncle Richard and Aunt Marilyn are so gracious with their invitation and to be honest Richards cooking has always been something to drool at.  He does it with such ease and could easily open a restaurant if he wanted to.  In fact Richard is one of those guys who has taught himself how to do many wonderful and creative things.  When he gets a hobby he goes full force and then hones his skills so much so that others come to him for advice and instruction.  He's a natural teacher and craftsman. He is now working with leather and even took the time to teach Taylor how to make her own bracelet.  His videos are on  if you would like to learn more about leather and how to make a superior product visit him there.

Marilyn, his wife,is a natural problem solver and one of the sweetest, most generous people I truly have ever met.    She also has every scrap booking trick in the book and her craft room, well lets just say I had a hard time not sleeping in there.  When asked where my happy place is... its there!  : )

This trip however, a shift in me was even more evident when visiting, because of what I was drawn to when we were there.  Suddenly i ventured out of the craftroom and went out to Richards shops.  I saw his power tools for the first time.  A drill press, an awesome saw, I saw how his workspace worked for various projects and was able to take mental notes of what would work for me as well.  In the next few months I will apply what inspired me there and can't wait for them to visit my happy place here at home.

With that I have to run, life is calling me but I'm not complaining I have a rich life and much to be grateful for.

Here's a photo that at first I took mentally and had to run into their house and grab my camera to put it in reality to share with others.

                                   Have a great day unless of coarse you have other plans.

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