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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wow...what a week!

OK, so I started teaching my workshops at my favorite store, which if you are have one of my two followers, you would know its the Knot Too Shabby store in downtown Glendora, California.

Watching Michele's business grow into what it is today and being a part of it now, is both very exciting and extremely satisfying.  I love that she encourages people with her paint workshops that if you want to learn what she does she will teach you.  I too have the same philosophy.  I did no,t in any way, invent the technique that I now do with my emulsion transfers but I have done it enough and have enough experiences to share with others.  So we started offering Emulsion Transfer Workshops.
Last Friday was my second one and from the feedback of my participants it was a success.

I forgot to bring my camera to the second workshop so I did not capture that class but here a couple highlights of the first one.
This is a photo Michele Rivard took of me teaching the class.  Not my best photo but I have found that as a photographer I tend not to be as photogenic as I find my subjects.  But feeling the need to tell the story with photographs I am posting it anyway.  Double chin and all.  : )

Then of my participants.  A very sweet crowd, plus the added character of Flo the older woman who not only knows her way around a wood shop but teaches classes on WOODWORKING.  She gave some great insight on characteristics of wood and helped me with the next learning curve!  I just very well may sign up for her next class so I can learn about different sawing techniques.  Who knew!

I truly am grateful for the opportunity to teach my craft and to Michele Rivard for opening up her store so that others who are also DIYers have an opportunity to give it a go.  My first and second workshops were a success largely to the participants themselves.  I found them to be kind patient and eager to learn.  Thank you.
We (Michele and myself) have decided to put together a January workshop of another Emulsion Transfer inspired by Valentines Day.  If you are interested it will be held at Knot Too Shabby and sign ups are through there. You can visit her store or contact her through her website at

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