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Monday, November 12, 2012

What an amazing feeling...

Last night I pulled myself into bed at 8:30 p.m.  I was EXHAUSTED, the kind of wasn't-that-an-incredible-experience kind of exhausted.  I not only survived my first craft show, I thrived.  It was truly an adventure and the kind you are just so glad you had a good friend along for the ride.  I could do this entire post about how grateful I was to have my dear friend Heide with me!  I must have thanked her a dozen times yesterday alone, for being there!  Here's her photo...isn't she adorable!
She was my money gal and laugh partner!  Thanks again Heide...You Rock!

Here is a photo of the front of our booth.  We had a booth directly in the middle and during our set up we realized that people would or could come in from both ends so that was a challenge in itself, but I think we managed to make it a great booth for people to walk all the way through.  Next time I will bring a very small table or TV tray for our "cash register and bagging.  The crowd was extremely patient and kind as we worked together to get through each transaction!  Also I LOVED using the cube devise on Heidi's phone!  Magical!
So here is the front our our display.  I had to take out what I had built up in the Knot Too Shabby store and use it for this booth, but loved how it all came together.  Many people mentally "Pinned" the Eiffel Tower door which warmed my heart.
The frame was painted by Knot Too Shabby and the shelving was commissioned by my dad to hold my greeting card line. Thanks again Dad!
                                           Here are a few more photos of my booth.

I cannot even express how amazing this experience was for me but I will give it a good go of it.  First of all, not only was I sharing my art but also my passion for recycling and reusing.  My props were items I had salvaged myself and had made into something else or decorative items to display things on.  The doors in which my art was displayed on, was a creative brainstorming between Michele Rivard and myself on how better to display my wood.  After that she said, "Here take these two doors and see what you can do..." That's often how our projects happen!  The gas can collaboration I mentioned in the earlier post sold to man who struggles every year to get his brother in law something for Christmas and it fit his personality to a T!

People were mainly drawn to the look of it.  The artistic part of it, how I did it, they often felt the texture of it.  I had many discussions on how I did what I did and pitched my upcoming article in Somerset Studio Magazine in January 2013.  My next door vender's were amazed that this was my first booth ever.  And other vendors complimented me on my displays as well.

The atmosphere at a Patchwork show is one that pleases the whimsical part of ourselves as well as the artistic part that thrives from an artistic culture and with esthetically pleasing products, where thought went into the making of them. The food vender's had yummies such as Salted Caramel Popcorn, and pumpkin bread pudding, and the skirt steak tacos were delish!  At a Patchwork Craft show you definitely know you are in the company of many talented, artistic, individuals, that have put their passion into work.  And you are also catering to a crowd who are drawn to and get the whole repurposing thing.  They also bring in talented musicians to play throughout the day, and basically you don't want the day to end.  Nicole and Delilah the two gals that put together these shows and the Craftification seminars really have a knack for putting great venues together, where both the artists can thrive and the public have a great event to go to and participate in.

What I found fun too is the customers that are drawn to such events...basically my people!  There were a few that stuck out to me.  First it was the awesome lesbian couple that bought my waves of the ocean shipping pallet.  I became grateful for my dear friend Kat all those years ago, who came out of the closet with me.  She and my dear friend David taught me that gay is OK.  My children make fun of me because they have been taught this from the beginning of their lives and say that its our family motto.  Truth is had I not had that belief system I would have shortchanged myself and my family of some amazing individuals based on where my mind has no business going to, our judging, in the first place...what they do behind closed doors!

So anyway back to this amazing lesbian couple.  They bought this huge piece and let me keep it in my booth all day, and other people inquired believe you!  One bought it for the other for Christmas.  Thank you ladies, not only did you validate me in my creative endeavors but seriously you guys were so cute.

Then there was the character who came in with his underwater camera around his neck.  He loved my art and also made a valid point when it came to my work.  He didn't want to see the printed copyright text on the bottom of his "art."  I realized I had printed it from what I would put online but he was right.  I should just sign my pieces that I am selling.  Thanks Cousteau.

There was the young gal that simply bought a mason jar for $3 but I was grateful for that as well.  She liked what I had made and spent her three dollars in my booth.  There were many more customers and even my sweet friend Emily that ventured from Glendora to see my booth.  Thanks Em...I knew you would like these craft show.

So now after the wake of the show I see my home with new eyes...WoW what a creative hurricane I was!  Storm Mishka!  Time for the cleanup!

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