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Friday, December 21, 2012

My last day on Earth...

On this day, if the world were to end I would have to say, it was a well lived life!  In this very moment I am content, happy and surrounded by people I love, adore and often laugh with.  It's funny when I reflect back on my life, so many of my dreams and wishes have manifested, but in a time frame quite different then when I thought they would or should. Now that I am there, I see that process is an intricate part of living a fulfilled life.  In fact, most things in life's milestones worth noting are in the PROCESS of getting where we think we need to be.  In spite of my sometimes impatience, my dreams have manifested all the same.

Yesterday I piled my 4th grade son in the car and drove to Laguna, CA to pick up the rest of my art pieces from the offices of Stampinton Magazines. They had had for months to review for possible publication.

You see the year 2012 was an artistic expressive year for me.  I had stocked up on art supplies last December.  Even set up a room where I could create, collage, make a mess and LEAVE it...  something I realized is important for my creative process.  Then I started sharing what I created.  I would have dinner with two dear friends and give a show and tell of what I created to get feedback.  Their sounding board  and encouragement made all the difference in the world to me.  Although my husband and family are extremely supportive I needed outside validation as well.

As my work began to accumulate and the many different techniques in the pages of Somerset Studio and her sister publications of the Stampinton Magazines manifested itself in my work an evolutionary process began which ended where my passion truly lies, that of photography. Although I had reconnected with my junior high self in her artistic expressions with collaging and even painting I wanted to no longer keep it to myself and my closeset friends but wanted it out there. So naturally I took it to the next level.   It was then I started putting my work in a local store which I have mentioned so many times before, Knot Too Shabby.  Every now and again one sold and my heart beamed.

As I began to compile these canvases of my collaged work the desire to submit my work to the Stampinton Magazine company grew stronger and stronger.  Once I felt I had enough pieces I gathered them together and dropped them off at the magazine headquarters and waited. As Spring took full bloom and my adventures on Pinterest began, I continued to create, continued to show my friends, and started an endearing friendship with Michele Rivard of Knot Too Shabby.

I'll never forget the day I showed her my emulsion transfer on repurposed wood. It was the first time I saw her truly excited about my work.  She was as excited about it, as I was!  It was a shipping pallet with a photo of a vintage camera on it.  I had just finished it when I put it in my car simply to show Michele splinters and all.  She was having her first annual Rummage Sale.  When she saw it she said, "Put a price on it and put it in the lot."  I threw out a large number and did what I was told.  The next day I went to pick it up and it had sold!  A woman had bought it for yard art!  I had never even taken a photo of it!

Michele didn't hear from me for a few months as I was immersed in my creative process and was producing and "perfecting" my new found love.   Once again near the end of summer I piled my art into my Suburban and headed to Laguna and dropped off a few more pieces, only this time it was my transfers onto repurposed wood.

In the months since I have started making and selling more of this work and as my two followers can tell you, I have been producing and selling more of my work both online and in Michele's store.  I have now done several custom pieces and two workshops.  I AM doing what I love.

So I am writing this entry with the experience under my belt of holding in my hands a magazine that I have coveted for years and now in its publication is an article I wrote with photos of MY work published!!

Michele Rivard has her copy, autographed by me, having given me a public platform to show my talents to and through her store.  She came into my life at the perfect time, just as I was ready to put my work out there. In the New Year we have plans to do a lot more collaborative projects together combining our talents to make some fantastic repurposed and refinished products.
January/February 2013 issue

I am truly blessed, I have a fantastic support system.  The family I was born to, family I married into, the family I am raising, my best friend and husband that still has me laughing 20 years later, my dear friends, the community I live in, friends who knew me when, and friends who know me now and the friends yet to come, friends through my children, my children's friends, friends from my church, friends from my children's schools.  I am even grateful the bumps in the road that shaped me for who I am today.  God had a plan and has a plan and the challenge from here on out is to not take the wheel and say, "I've got it from here God, thanks."

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!  May you THRIVE in the year 2013 I intend to!

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