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Friday, February 8, 2013

Studio update...

So I am now at a point where I can create my magic in one room.  Sure the details are not completely done like molding and I have this odd shaped closet to fill with drying racks.  The big transition is to put all of my creative "bits" all in one place.  I am getting creative with my storage pieces which I love but am trying to get organized at the same time so that everything has a home.  I use to watch Martha Stuart years ago in awe at how everything had a label and everything had a place.  I am in no way like Martha Stuart.  I do however want to have my things fairly organized so that I can find them when the creative sparks ignite.
Anyway, here is an overdue look at the progress of my studio.  My father in law Doug graciously offered me these cabinets from a job in which he was building a brand new Dental office and they wanted newer cabinets.  With me in mind, he set them aside, loaded them in his truck and he and my husband unloaded them in our garage for six weeks until we were ready to install them.  How lucky am I??? Thank you soo much Doug!  I LOVE them!!


  1. What's funny is at first my husband told my father in law "No she doesn't need them." Thank God he came to me as well! Yes, yes please!! Once people know you love to reuse things suddenly things come to you and people seem grateful they will go to good use.


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